Health Workshops and Talks

Bespoke Health, Wellness and Psychology based speaking events for your employees.
People at corporate health and wellness workshops


Sustainable Health Behaviour Change Group Coaching carried out weekly over 6 sessions.

People at Corporate Wellness Talk

Corporate Talks

Bespoke Health, Wellness and Psychology based talks or webinars for your employees.


Group Coaching Workshop

Together participants will explore and develop their own long term health plan. These sustainable health behaviour change workshops are usually carried out weekly over 6 sessions with a closed group.

The focus for their health plan revolves around 4 health behaviour change areas:

Healthy Eating Behaviour, Moving More, Sleep Routine, and Managing Stress.


  • Weekly toolkit to document their work and reflections during sessions.
  • Pre-recorded videos sent weekly after each session. Helpful for those on shift work, those that might have to miss some of a session or those wanting to go back over content.
  • Employee experience report


  • Tailored for your target audience such as shift-workers etc…
  • Onsite or Online
  • Additional individual Coaching
Coach Sinead Kelly health coaching method including Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management
Self Care Coach Sinead Kelly process showing Plan, Action, Review steps
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Benefits for you and your organisation

Employees that are less stressed and healthier lead to higher productivity and fewer sick days. Investing in this wellness initiative shows you care about your employees and puts them at the center, leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention. It makes a real difference in the lives of employees by going deeper than the usual tick the box webinar.


Study results

At one of my 2022 group workshops we studied the outcomes both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We got great feedback from participants with each reporting an improvement in their health related behaviour and in their perspective around their health. The biggest feedback that people give is that they find the workshop very Motivational and that they have increased their Self- Responsibility around their own health behaviours. 

The largest improvement was their satisfaction with their own actions around STRESS. Here they gave a mean value of 5/10 before the workshop, this dramatically increased to 9.5/10 on completion of the workshop.

Coach Sinead Kelly delivering corporate talks


Corporate Talks

I can tailor make health and wellness webinars / talks to suit your organisations needs.

Popular 60min Health & Wellness Talks

Coach Sinead Kelly webinar on healthy habits

Free Taster of a Talk

Learn 3 simple tools that will give you the courage and the confidence to implement long-term healthy habits today.

What people say
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Orla DempseyOrla Dempsey
15:40 15 Jan 23
I worked with Sinead in 2022 and found her gentle and focused approach to health fantastic!I had some amazing aha moments with her during our coaching sessions which have stayed with me and made a huge difference to how I feel and approach my health. I can't thank Sinead enough!
Chris HorganChris Horgan
10:47 22 Nov 22
I really enjoyed Sinead's recent 6 week Lifestyle Coaching Programme in my workplace. The biggest benefit was that it was highly motivating, I no longer have that 'all or nothing' view of my exercise habits, and I learned some great strategies for keeping my new habit going in challenging times. I'm very much hoping we can offer new workshops next year; the videos are a valuable adjunct for those who miss a session.
Melanie ClissmannMelanie Clissmann
10:15 28 Sep 22
Having been trained in Energy Medicine and Meditation, I sometimes think that I "know everything" already and I do not need to join webinars on Tacking Motherhood Stress. I am so happy I joined this one as I got so much out of it. I feel I am now more prepared to deal with daily stresses, and I got so many good ideas on how to apply self care habits in a very real and practical way. The webinar was so supportive and helpful, thank you!
Farzana MaudarbaccusFarzana Maudarbaccus
12:40 09 Sep 22
I worked with Sinead for recently on a workshop and it was a delight to collaborate with her. She is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise which is self health coaching and brings a huge amount of experience from her whole career which was in the health sector. She is also very resourceful and is a very experienced entrepreneur/business owner.I can confidently recommend anyone who wants to embark on a coaching journey around these areas to seek Sinead's help. She has a wealth of information to offer and will have a very patient listening ear to guide you to achieve your set goal.
Niamh TwomeyNiamh Twomey
13:38 06 Sep 22
Attended a workshop on Sept 4th on Tackling Motherhood Stress. It couldn't have come at a better time. I learnt lots of useful tips to combat stress and alleviate the dressed mommy guilt! Feel alot more prepared for the weeks ahead after this workshop. Would definitely recommend Sinead and I'm looking forward to another workshop in the future.
Elaine RyanElaine Ryan
11:48 17 Jun 22
I collaborated with Sinead on a coaching workshop last month. I really enjoyed working with Sinead, the workshop went very well and we got great feedback from participants. We both have different styles and approaches but combined we were able to come up with more ideas than we would have individually so in that sense I also learnt a lot from our collaboration.Given Sinead combines her nursing and coaching backgrounds, she has a real expertise in all things wellbeing and delivers the content is a relatable and practicable manner. It's also clear from her podcast that she is a great listener and I also had the privilege of being a podcast guest!
Caroline RobertsCaroline Roberts
07:27 06 Apr 22
Just recently attended the Rapid Relisence workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed... Sinéad & Sukhi were so on point, they have such a calm & impowering approach which really drove home some valuable thoughts that I will certainly be practicing... Would highly recommend!!! Going to be keeping an eye on her social media for some daily inspiration...

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