Workplace Whole Health Assessment

Tailored Assessment and Strategy: Elevate The Effectiveness of Your Organisation’s Wellbeing Strategy.

Why complete an employee whole health assessment?

Benefits for your organisation

Corporate team meeting about health and wellness programme

Workplace Whole Health Assessment and Strategy

Pricing based on employee numbers, starting from €430

Assessment Package

  • Tailored Approach: Customised online anonymous forms for employee assessments with relevant qualitative and quantitative questions focused on key health dimensions.

  • Identify Improvement Areas: Establish baseline data to pinpoint areas for enhancement.

  • Comprehensive Report and Strategic Recommendations: Receive a comprehensive report highlighting strategic recommendations. Includes an online presentation of findings to key stakeholders.

Strategy Package

Includes features from the Assessment Package and the following: 

  • Strategic Development: Crafting a comprehensive one-year strategy based on the findings from the Assessment Package, ensuring a roadmap for targeted improvements.
  • Budget-Aligned Recommendations: Tailored to align with your budget including suggestions for initiating impactful non-financial strategies.
  • Wellbeing Calendar: Curating a dynamic Wellbeing Calendar inclusive of events, newsletters, workshops, and activities. Focus areas include physical health, stress management, and cultivating a supportive environment.
  • Helpful Resources: Provision of step-by-step guides for launching initiatives such as lunchtime walking groups, fostering physical activity, and team bonding. Additionally, access to a curated list of wellbeing experts for specific initiatives.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Implement a customised assessment at the 6-month mark, using ongoing employee feedback to measure the impact of interventions, ensuring effectiveness and targeted improvements.

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