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Are you a busy professional ready to care for your health, life and work more deeply?

Considering personal coaching?

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Coaching for busy achievers to find more physical, mental and emotional ease in their demanding lives.

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Work Life Balance

Coaching for professionals who are ready to make changes for better Work / Life Balance.

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Career Transition Clarity

Coaching for those contemplating a change in roles, a shift to a new workplace, or pursuing a new profession.

Health Conditions

Guidance for making health changes for Heart and Fertility.

Group Breathwork more your thing?

“Breathe and Achieve” combines breathwork and group coaching for thriving in your personal and professional life. Connect monthly with a community of like minded people online and in-person.

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Self Paced Workshops

Not ready to start working 1:1 with Sinead?

I’m really excited to share with you this workshop. Throughout I will be giving you loads of real life examples to help you understand the content deeply.

The topics covered include:

  • Why always saying yes to others might be impacting your wellness.
  • Exploring the different types of boundaries people have so you can understand yourself and others more.
  • 3 steps for creating boundaries in your life with real life examples of gentle things to say when someone puts you on the spot.
  • Lastly, what to do when a small request from someone feels problematic.
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What people say

Due to the personal nature of why these clients have attended Sinead the majority of testimonials have been anonymised. All testimonials are verified.

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