When your BUSYNESS is PROCRASTINATION in disguise

Unveiling the Truth: Busy ≠ Productive

I have had to personally objectively look at my own perception of being busy at work. It’s tempting to believe that the more tasks we juggle, the more productive we are. But if we stop and be really honest with ourselves sometimes being busy is just procrastination in disguise!

Recognising the Pitfall of Busyness

Busy ≠ Effective

Can you relate to this scenario? You’re immersed in a mountain of tasks, responding to emails, attending meetings back-to-back, yet the day ends without progress on critical project milestones. Sometimes, busyness disguises the avoidance of the crucial, uncomfortable, yet necessary tasks that genuinely make an impact. For me I have been avoiding my necessary business development through networking (my fellow introvert leaning people will relate). I am always encouraging myself and others to push the edges of our comfort zones, and now its time for me to stop avoiding and pretending to myself that I am too busy.

Mindful Action for True Productivity

True productivity isn’t about doing more; it’s about prioritising what truly counts. For instance, dedicating focused, uninterrupted time to work on a significant project rather than scattering efforts across numerous small tasks can yield substantial progress and clarity. For me I like to start my day with a time management tool called the Eisenhower Matrix. This helps to stay focused on what is important and impactful like making a new mutually beneficial connection instead of writing up another social media post that day.

Quality Over Quantity in Work Focus

Let’s shift our perspective from glorifying busyness to embracing purpose. Prioritise quality over quantity. Such as prioritising in-depth research or planning sessions over superficial, quick-fix solutions that merely fill up the calendar.

Addressing Crucial Tasks Amidst Busyness

Here’s the catch: Amidst the chaos, critical tasks vital to our growth or significant projects often get overshadowed. These tasks hide behind the veil of urgency or the guise of overwhelming busyness.

Practical Steps for Change

Initiating change starts with understanding our relationship with busyness. Take a moment to reflect on these questions:

  • Am I slipping into familiar, habitual patterns when I’m busy?
  • What benefits do I believe I gain from constant busyness?
  • Could my busyness be a way to avoid certain tasks or people?

In the thick of busyness, being present is key. Consider these steps:

  • Momentary Pause:

Take a brief moment for deep belly breathing; a minute of mindful breathing can ground you amidst busyness and bring mental clarity.

  • Reevaluating Priorities:

Pause and ask: Is what I’m currently prioritising the most important and urgent task at hand?

  • Tackling Overwhelm:

If a task feels daunting, break it down into smaller, manageable steps. Who can offer support or guidance in this process?

Remember, acknowledging and addressing these crucial tasks amidst the busyness is pivotal for genuine progress and transformation.

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