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One of the Top 6 Life Coaches in Cork

So delighted to share a review from where I have been named as one of the top six life coaches in Cork.

I’m very grateful for this review which highlights my wide range of coaching services. They also note my inclusive approach to wellness, which encompasses several aspects such as diet, stress management, exercise, and sleep habits. My goal is to help my clients achieve sustainable wellness by working with their unique needs, wants and aspirations.

Who I serve?

I am  proud to serve both individuals and corporate settings, supporting busy professionals to take charge of their own health and wellness.


While the review notes that my rates are not easily found on my website, I am transparent and upfront with my clients about pricing. You can find purchase buttons available on each 1:1 coaching package. I strive to offer affordable services while maintaining a high standard of professionalism and quality.


I am grateful for such positive feedback, such as being named a “highly certified professional”, that I have versatile session modalities, with an individualised approach. I strive to provide professional and reliable services to my clients, and I appreciate the recommendation to those seeking self-care coaching and packages.

A big thank you again to for recognising my services.


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