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Motherhood Stress: Interview with Sinead Kelly in the Echo Newspaper

So delighted and excited to be featured in The Echo Newspaper. You can read a little bit about me, my relationship with motherhood as well as what comes up for the mothers that I work with.

Here’s a brief extract from the article:

“Mum’s put pressure on themselves to be perfect and do things “right” for various reasons.

For me personally as I had gone through years of infertility treatments I put pressure on myself to be constantly grateful and happy that I finally had my baby. However, when my daughter couldn’t sleep I would shame myself for feeling frustrated.

Farzana, my colleague, in the past would feel guilty when leaving her children to do something small for herself even if they were with their dad.

Mothers receive messages from everyone…society, social media, colleagues, family, friends etc… about what a good mother is and how we should behave. These messages start when we are kids ourselves so we can internalise those messages and act on them even if we don’t fully believe them to be true for ourselves. It’s difficult to remove these long term ingrained messages about motherhood. So I believe the first step is to take small amounts of time to look after your own needs. It’s small gestures where you allow yourself to be a priority too.”

Read the full article here.


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