How to create the life you want

Have you ever considered how changing your thoughts can impact your life in a positive way?

I’m excited to share with you my latest podcast episode featuring Christina. A Wellbeing Coach and founder of “Opening Hearts to Love” coaching practice.

She joins me to discuss her own personal journey after attending a workshop based on Louise Hay’s teachings. This impacted her massively and helped her to become more aware of her negative thinking. Prior to this she would have described herself as quite positive and upbeat. She was unaware of her thought patterns and the impact it was having on her life. Through this experience, she realised the importance of changing her thoughts in order to create a more positive life.

Have you ever attended a workshop or read a book that has helped you become more aware of your own negative thinking patterns?
If so, what steps did you take to overcome some negative thought patterns and start living a more fulfilling life?

Christina struggled with self-esteem and confidence. She figured out that she needed to release shame and trauma that had been holding her back. She shares how she began to focus on learning to love herself and discovering what she truly wanted in life.

In this episode, Christina offers practical tips and advice on how you can overcome negative thought patterns and start living a more fulfilling life.

Be sure to tune in to this inspiring episode of the Self Health Podcast with Christina Keane: OnlineSpotify or Amazon

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