Caroline Marlow on The Self Health Podcast

Embracing an Active Lifestyle Despite Chronic Pain

September is Pain Awareness Month and so in the latest episode of The Self Health Podcast, we’re delving into a significant topic that is often overlooked – “Embracing an Active Lifestyle Despite Chronic Pain.” Our passionate and bubbly guest for this episode is Caroline Marlow, an expert chartered sport and exercise psychologist. Caroline brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, shedding light on the psychological and emotional aspects of managing chronic pain.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

1. The Myths of Chronic Pain:

Caroline dismantles common misconceptions surrounding chronic pain and injury. She explains how our brain plays a pivotal role in the perception of pain and how understanding this process can lead to effective pain management strategies.

2. Empowering Movement:

Caroline offers practical advice for individuals with chronic pain who wish to embrace a more active lifestyle. She emphasises the importance of gradually increasing movement while respecting personal boundaries and fear of exacerbating pain.

3. Mind-Body Connection:

Delving deeper, the episode explores the interplay between emotions, thoughts, and pain perception. Caroline sheds light on how fear, anxiety, and stress can heighten pain experiences and shares strategies to break this cycle.

4. Building Hope:

Caroline’s compassionate approach to pain management is underlined by her commitment to instilling hope in individuals. Many patients suffering may not receive hope from the medical community and so is Caroline’s mission.

5. Practical Tips for Progress:

Caroline offers invaluable tips to empower those living with chronic pain to gradually reintroduce movement into their lives. First by being honest and realistic with oneself, next by gradual progressing, whilst acknowledging ones emotional wellbeing, and lastly building a supportive routine.

Whether you’ve experienced chronic pain, know someone who does, or you are a health professional this episode will undoubtedly leave you with a fresh perspective on chronic pain.

Ready to embrace hope, take back control, and redefine your relationship with chronic pain?

Tune in to the full episode on the Self Health Podcast now! here:


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