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Elevate Your Wellbeing through Adventure

Time to talk adventurously…

I’m thrilled to invite you to the latest episode of the Self Health Podcast. In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with the adventurous Katrina Megget, a freelance healthcare journalist, adventure travel writer, and life coach who happens to be a kiwi with the loveliest accent.

The Power of Adventure:

We dived into the power of adventure and its impact on wellbeing. From walking the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand to sailing around the coast of Great Britain, Katrina shares her journey of stepping outside her comfort zone and embracing the mindset of adventure.

Discovering your Inner Strength:

Katrina discusses how adventure doesn’t have to be grand or extreme, it’s simply pushing our boundaries, trying new things, and discovering our inner strength and courage.

Where to Start:

We explored how small steps outside your comfort zone can lead to remarkable personal growth and a deeper connection to the present moment. Katrina’s insights will inspire you to explore new horizons, challenge self-doubt, and embrace a more adventurous life for enhanced wellbeing.

Ready to learn how adventure can elevate your wellbeing?

Tune in to the full episode on the Self Health Podcast now! here:


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