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Easing your Struggle with Period Pain

Do you struggle with period pain?

If so, does it impact daily life and work?

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with me, Sinead Kelly, the host of the Self Health Podcast. Join me in a captivating conversation as I delve into the world of period pain with the knowledgeable Lisa DeJong. Lisa is an esteemed Coach & Training Provider specialising in women’s health, menstrual cycles, trauma, and chronic pain.

In this episode, Lisa generously opens up about her own experiences with Period Pain and Endometriosis. She sheds light on how our diet in particular is having an effect on our cycles. Lisa discusses how bringing our attention to our blood sugars and digestive system can be a game changer for her clients who previously have been unable to get relief from period pain.

Reflect on these helpful questions to gain a deeper understanding of your own experience with period pain:

  • How does your period affect your daily routine?
  • Is there any patterns or triggers that worsen your period pain? Consider tracking factors like certain foods, stress levels, or sleep.
  • What is the one helpful thing you can implement before your next period? For example actions around Stress, Food, Sleep or Exercise.

Are you eager to take charge of your cycle and bid farewell to pain? Be sure to tune in to this educational episode of the Self Health Podcast:

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Credit: Part of this blog was written with the assistance of Chat GPT


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