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What if you have more energy to do it all?

Do you prioritise everything but your health, knowing deep down something has to give, but you need someone to support you in figuring out how to actually make it work for you?

Restoring balance in your health through self-care

Tailored self-care packages for busy professionals.
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Meet your self-health coach

I am Sinead, a Self-Health Coach, dedicated to supporting you to step into your own wellness.

We often see change as hard, let me show you how it can be rewarding, insightful, and even a little fun!

I am a nurse, I am a mother and I have traveled a long road to my own wellness and development. My heartfelt message to you is that you are not alone and you too can find better health, understanding, and balance.

I open up ten 1:1 spots per month to work directly with people like you. Let me support you every step of the way.

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Self Paced Workshop

For you, if:

  • You generally put other people’s needs before your own.
  • You find it difficult to say no when someone asks you to do something you would rather not do, you probably will feel resentful towards the person afterwards. If you do on a rare occasion say no this causes you to feel like the bad guy or guilty.
  • You prefer to avoid conflict with others.
  • Your own health and self care is low on the list of priorities.
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  • Why always saying yes to others might be impacting your wellness.
  • Exploring the different types of boundaries people have so you can understand yourself and others more.
  • 3 steps for creating boundaries in your life with real life examples of gentle things to say when someone puts you on the spot.
  • Lastly, what to do when a small request from someone feels problematic.

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